The Clayoquot Ventures Team

Jaime Ivars Hewitt (General Manager & Guide):

Born and raised in Valencia Spain, Jaime came from a family of lifetime mariners. After spending his entire childhood aboard various fishing and commercial vessels, he decided to take his passion to the next level by obtaining a diploma in fishing and marine transportation. As a professional skipper, Jaime quickly mastered not just yachts and sailboats, but also the art of off-shore tuna fishing.

When Jaime came to Tofino for the surfs, the waves brought him to his new found home. As he fell in love with the abundance of the wildlife and the rawness of the nature, he went one step further and settled for a float house to fulfill his cravings for the ocean and the creatures it holds.

Now armed with the local wisdom of fishing tactics and secret honey holes, Jaime is here to share with you the unbelievable experience of the fish and the seas at Tofino, a gem on the crown of the “best place on earth”.

Gibson (Lead Guide):

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Gibson has naturally grown up spending time in and around the ocean. He has been exposed to the commercial fishing guide industry from a young age as his father worked at a charter outlet based out of Campbell River. Gibson will tell you that being exposed to this quickly made him realize that he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and also become a fishing guide, and since has made every effort to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to also become a successful guide. Gibson says he is fortunate to have had the privilege of being able to travel and see other places with his family, as it has made him realize that Vancouver Island’s outdoors and natural beauty are unrivalled by anywhere else he has been. Fishing is always a priority for Gibson while travelling but he will tell you that the waters of the Pacific Northwest are by far his favorite to fish.

Gibson credits his hard working character to playing ice hockey, where a number of years playing at a major junior level taught him about the value of camaraderie and teamwork, which is why we are excited to have him as one of our top guides.

Rob (Guide & Shop Supervisor):

Rob fell in love with Tofino the moment he set foot in town on a vacation in the fall of 2014. So much so that he packed up his life in Toronto, and made the move to the Westcoast. His passion for fishing began when his grandpa took him out for the first time at age 5. From that moment on, he was hooked.

Rob has become very knowledgeable and diverse in his fishing game over the years. He grew up fishing for Bass and Walleye as a kid but turned his attention to bigger game species quickly like Salmon and Musky. Fishing has become a great reason to travel the world, trolling the warm waters of Mexico for Mahi Mahi annually, as well as long treks through New Zealand fly-fishing remote lakes and rivers.It doesn't matter where or what he's fishing for, Rob is happiest when he's got a line in the water. You are guaranteed a wonderful day on the water with him, not only is he extremely passionate about what he does but he also has a contagious smile and charisma.

Zach (Guide):

Zach grew up fishing the waters from the southern tip of Vancouver Island all the way to the most northern parts of British Columbia. His passion for sportfishing began at a young age in Barkley Sound and its surrounding offshore waters, as he spent his summers there as a child. Long summer days were spent hunting for the best fishing grounds and the search for those prized tyees.

Zach began guiding in Prince Rupert and Bella Bella. After fishing on the remote northern coast, he returned to the familiar offshore waters off the west coast of Tofino and Ucluelet to guide.

He enjoys engaging with other anglers to expand his knowledge of different fishing techniques, and is always looking for a good reason to be on the water. In the off-season, Zach is currently attending McGill University in Montreal working to obtain his Masters of Engineering.